"Dari meja tulisnya masing-masing, dimana pun mereka berada, mereka cukup melakukan ziarah dengan sekali klik dan tiba di makam saya, yaitu blog ini" – Mula Harahap

Only A Man


More than 5 years ago, I met a man who left some comments on my blog. He was just a nick name: o.n.n.o.s.z.

By February 15th he asked to marry me. Can you believe it? I even can’t believe it either. If it was a king or Prince Charming, I would say “No”. He is not a prince riding a white horse. He is just a man who can’t drive a car, never come up with living in an apartment, and bargaining for a super cheap dress. Hahaha… Yet, he is my man who is eager to learn Qur’an, attempting to speak English, and the expert of happiness. Thank you, Mas Drakuli. 🙂


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