"Dari meja tulisnya masing-masing, dimana pun mereka berada, mereka cukup melakukan ziarah dengan sekali klik dan tiba di makam saya, yaitu blog ini" – Mula Harahap

I do love you, that’s all.

You know I always miss our pillow-talk. We lie, we relax. We share our day on the pillow, sweet talk nothing. Smile, laugh, flirt, imaging we were aside.

Pillow-talk close the day, recharging energy for our next day. That we did just now.

We talked upcoming year, predicting whatever we could predict. 2012 must be fight-full year for us. We’re gonna fight for love, so that 2013 will be the ‘happily ever after’ line. It’s beautiful, honey.

I don’t know which chemistry that makes me feel so comfort with you everywhere, every-time. None tell me how could it come to soul. The only thing I know is.. I DO LOVE YOU. That’s all.


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